Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost back to reality...

I found my camera!! It had slipped under the seat in the car after we left Quartzsite. So, here's two photos. One is of the Indian rock paintings in Quartzsite at Dripping Springs and one is of some sort of machine left behind at a mine. The Dripping Springs was mainly a dripping rock wall of green slime. I guess you can't get too picky in the desert when it comes to water.

We're leaving Havasu in a few days heading for home. Wish we could stay longer, but there are pressing issues at home including taxes and seeing Cara. We have become a personal friend of the ATV repair guy here in Havasu as now both quads have been worked on for a couple of different reasons. As nice as the guy is, I won't miss him. But there are many other people we've met who have made our trip fun.
We have gone on a couple of rides with an older couple, Laverne and Wayne, who are camped near us. They both ride older 2x2 quads and prefer to ride FAST. There's no "moss" growing under their wheels. I found it hard to keep up sometimes as I actually thought I might like to see some of the countryside... and these two are at least 15 years older... There is plenty of quad trails out here and some great places to boondock (camp in the desert).
This RV park has the most friendly staff. They put us in a very large site big enough for the quads, kia and trailer. We've had a fire almost night. We went to Oatman, which is a old gold mine town which has shops, an hourly gunfight, and the cutest burros who roam the streets. You can buy carrots to feed them and the babies have stickers on their heads which say "don't feed me - I can't eat carrots." The burro photos are still on the camera of course..

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BJ said...

Hi Steve and Kris!
Wow, so fortunate to have come across your blog. I'm very happy to hear you're enjoying retirement and the adventures of your travels. Thinking of you both - Happy Birthday, Kris! And belated best wishes to Steve too!
Warm Regards, Barbara L.(aka Dutton)