Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hanging out in Cloverdale...

I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging business finally. I don't have any photos because I haven't taken any! We didn't get the camera out at Clear Lake because of all the smoke from the fires. And now we're at the Russian River Thousand Trails Preserve and it's also not exactly worthy of photographs. It's an okay campsite for us to spend the five nights we need between camping with friends - especially at $10 per night for hookups. I've got everything except TV reception and the WIFI is at the lodge. This area is along the Russian River, but the scenery is a lot like home with oak trees and poison oak - and yes - snakes (not that I've seen any yet..)
We went wine tasting which was great as there are hundreds of very large wineries here. I'm just getting over a four day cold and Steve has now officially caught it so he's in the trailer moping. I'm very glad our trailer isn't any smaller or there would be murder to report.
Saturday is a big day here at the campground, which for a Thousand Trails, hasn't been very lively. There's a pancake breakfast, ice-cream social and a "candy bar" bingo game in the evening. What this park needs is a POOL!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

On the road again, Clear Lake

We're at Clear Lake in a RV park very close to the lake. Clear Lake is anything but clear this time of year. We came with friends to see Lynyrd Skynrd at Konocti Harbor and the concert was very good. It was in an outdoor arena and the weather turned out to be pretty nice. The smoke has finally lifted a bit and we can actually see the other side of the lake. Turns out I am coming down with a cold - been feeling a bit off the last two days and now I know why... darn! The campground is okay. Some of the spots near the lake would be nice, but might be a challenge for us with our rig. I'll post some pics when I actually take some. We had challenges when we arrived with a flat tire and electric issues, in addition to the fact it was 108 degrees... a very bad mix of conditions.
Next we head on to Russian River Thousand Trails for five nights then on to Fort Bragg to meet with fire dept. friends. Since we're RPI, the cost is only $10 per night - which probably means we'll be regulated those "cheap" sites... No matter. We're in "Kris's palace" according Steve.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Catching Up

We didn't have internet for the other two weeks of our June trip. We were at Riffe Lake with family for a week and then cut over to Bend, Oregon on our way home. Riffe Lake had a very nice campground and great fishing. Brother-in-law Bob brought his boat and we caught 15 fish in less than 2 hours. We picked Cara up at the Portland Airport so she could spend a few days with her grandparents and cousins who showed up for the weekend. Cara loved the fishing. The fish were "nice" meaning that they were averaging 20 inches long... Lots bigger than we're used to catching in the great state of Cal. AND the fish loved shrimp - go figure! While it rained for the first couple days, it cleared up to be great weather. Our only casualty was one hubcap over 2700 miles.
We stayed two nights in La Pine Oregon and visited with an RV net member who came over for wine around the fire. The next evening we had dinner at their house and it was great. A very nice couple who have also retired and are working hard on their house. We really liked the LaPine area as there were about 30 beautiful lakes within a 20 mile radius and lots of volcanic parks to visit. However, the Bend area isn't exactly inexpensive.
We stayed for two nights at Lake Siskyou near Shasta. It's a great little lake and we had a nice site. But for some reason, we weren't in their computer and they tried to reassign our site about five times until the security guy showed up to confirm our recept. Otherwise, this is a great lake for sitting on the beach, but then we didn't really have time to relax! We drove into McCloud and Steve really enjoyed the museum and the town. It's one of my favorite towns.. Next time we would like to take the dinner train up Shasta.
Okay, this blog is a bit scattered because it won't let me put photos anywhere but the top apparently. And the photos are using up all my storage space.. Guess I could read the directions..